Are you an NGO, community group or local business with an interest in the biodiversity that inhabits your local river? We are actively looking for organisations to get involved with the 1000 Rivers project and join our growling list of participants.

Note that the sampling locations are at river mouths, so participants need to be based in – or able to access – coastal areas.

Coordinate sampling: We are seeking participants to coordinate sampling near to the mouth of each river, and to take responsibility for the health and safety of individuals who participate in the sampling. Full instructions for sampling will be provided by the 1000 Rivers coordinators for your country or area. A great opportunity to have a go at collecting eDNA samples and to join the cutting edge of biodiversity science to reveal the fish communities living in your local waterways.

Fund a River: At present, we lack a central source of funding for this project, so we are looking to local stakeholders to fund the analysis of the three samples per river. This is a total of £450 for analysis of the full fish community plus screening for the pink salmon. If you are a local business, we can help you to partner with a sampling coordinator in your area.

Contact the project partner who is acting as coordinator in your country (see the Partners page for details) to find out more about specific initiatives in your region.